It has a modern industrial park and advanced production equipment, ample human resources team, advanced enterprise management system, and R&D design, manufacturing, marketing and modern management.The company specializes in the production of children's denim,

knitting, cotton, jackets, washed pants, products are exported to Eastern Europe, North America, South America and other places.

Create a first-class brand Manufacturing industry


Gompany Introduction

YITAI(CHINA)CO.,Ltd located in JinJiang,Fujian, was built in the year of 1992, total have about 100,000.00 square meters, it is 10 minutes by car away from the world famous garment city“SHISHI”city, also it is 10 minutes by car away from JinJiang airport. It have following 5 divisions, each division have separate sample room / showroom / sewing workshop / packing dept, total we have about 1000 workers, Our Annual sales of more than $50,000,000.00



Products Recommended

Our customer are from all over the world, we are past the BSCI certification. they are trust us, because our design

team will develop them very beautiful collection every season and every year

Shishi textile and garment industry has entered the "cloud era"
Talking about the Differences in the Development of Garment Industry Clusters
Quanzhou, Fujian: Textile and apparel industry sales market growth of 10%-20%
What does the new media bring to the clothing?
How do clothing dealers promote their achievements?
Warmly celebrate the successful revision of Yitai (China) Co., Ltd. website!


Products are sold well all over the country, and the products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries.



Contact: Miss Lai
Adress:YiTai industrial Park, Sha Tang Industrial Zone, Xin Tang Street, Jinjiang city, Fujian, China


Companies adhere to the "customer-focused" concept, "create a first-class brand, create clothing boutique" as the quality policy, with good quality, affordable prices to return the majority of customers.

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